Gardeniers Project


Organic Produce

Buying products from Gardeniers means putting on your table the best that is available from a market garden cultivated using sustainable methods.

It also means helping people with intellectual disabilities to have a steady job: taking care of the market garden supplying the vegetables we offer.

Gardeniers grows organic vegetables and processes them, supplying them fresh, washed and cut, frozen, canned or pre-cooked.

Always excellent products, handled with the utmost care.

A social motivation


Gardeniers is a project run by ATADES, an organisation that for over 50 years has been offering employment opportunities to people in Zaragoza with intellectual disabilities. The ultimate aim of the Gardeniers project is therefore to provide dignified and stable jobs for people with intellectual disabilities.

We ensure that our employees are capable of bringing to market products of the highest quality, lovingly produced and reasonably competitive on price.

Driving the project is a highly skilled professional and technical team, motivated by the social importance of their mission.


A join effort


Under the Gardeniers brand, all of Aragon’s organic producers have an opportunity to work together, combining their efforts and seeking synergies in production, processing, marketing and sales.

We are committed to everything organic

We want to return to the vegetables we used to enjoy. Those with an authentic flavour.

We grow the best local, seasonal varieties and do so following traditional and sustainable methods. We carefully plan the production so that the harvesting always takes place at the optimum time in terms of ripeness. Vegetables taste better when they have access to their natural nutrients right up to the last moment.

The absence of chemical additives in the cultivation process promotes a healthy diet.


Quality and happiness in your table

We identify with those who not only enjoy cooking but also aspire to share the results of their work. With those who value both the result and the process involved in achieving it.

A dish is not only defined by how it looks and tastes, but also by how it has been designed and prepared. For a chef, everything starts with choosing the ingredients.  Vegetables that when cut, fill the kitchen with aromas and the dishes with flavour.

However, at Gardeniers everything starts earlier. Thinking about the enjoyment of chefs and their diners, we prepare the soil, plant, look after, harvest and prepare the produce so that it arrives fresh at the stores or our processing plant.