Prepared products


Soup Organic Vegetables

soup-prepared-gardeniersHaute cuisine in the form of soups prepared with our organic seasonal vegetables.

Prepared dishes made with original and appealing recipes that take full advantage of the flavour of our vegetables. They are cooked with natural ingredients and a base of seasonal vegetables and garden produce, freshly harvested from our organic market garden.

For the recipes, we are given advice by the Alicia Foundation, a pioneer in preparing food with the newest scientific techniques. The recipes are guaranteed to have an excellent flavour.

Our sauces are the ideal accompaniment for any dish or can be used as the base for other dishes. In addition to our organically produced vegetables and garden produce, there is another vital ingredient: the pride with which they have been grown by people with intellectual disabilities.



Prepared products


We know that you like to personally prepare every dish that you enjoy doing so and that no-one else does it like you

However, when time is limited you will appreciate our help with the preparation, avoiding some of the work by using our prepared products.

We make them with ingredients that you would use, and we prepare them so they are just right to be used in your recipes.

Because in the end, the dish is yours